Epson HX-20 Programs

My collection of HX-20 programs are downloadable in the table at the bottom of this page. The files will include cassette recordings (stored as .mp3 files), text files, and even some ROM files.

I am always looking to add to my collection so if you have any software that I don’t, and you are happy to share, please contact me. It’s also very possible that I have made some mistakes with the list. If you notice any please let me know.

Cassette Recordings

The .mp3 files can be loaded onto a HX-20 by using a PC to mimic an external cassette player.

The process for loading these programs onto a HX-20 is as follows:

  1. Using a 3.5mm audio cable, connect the ear jack on your HX-20 to the speaker/headphone jack on your PC.
  2. Through BASIC, login to desired program area in your HX-20 using the LOGIN command then type LOAD"CAS1:"
  3. Ensure that the volume on your PC is set to 100% then play the .mp3 file using a compatible media player. If you get an IO error, try adjusting the volume lower.
  4. After several seconds the program will be found. Wait for the HX-20 to fully load the program.
  5. You can now close the media player on your PC and run the program on your HX-20.

Note: if the above process does not work check that the audio cable is plugged into the correct ports on your PC and HX-20. Also confirm that the correct sound output on your computer is selected and that its volume is at 100%.

Text Files

The text files can be loaded onto a HX-20 via the RS232C port. You will require an appropriate cable (DIN to DB9 null modem cable), a terminal program on your PC, and if your PC lacks a DB9 port, a RS-232 DB9M to USB Converter. It is likely that you will not a have cable on hand, therefore, you will need to build you own. See the cable construction page for the cable requirements.

The process for loading these programs onto a HX-20 is as follows:

  1. Connect HX-20 to PC using the appropriate cable. If necessary use a RS-232 DB9M to USB Converter.
  2. Open the terminal program on your PC (I use Teraterm).
  3. Set the serial transfer options to match the cable type that you are using. Being that I only have a Simple Null Modem cable, I can only list the appropriate setting for that cable, these settings are:
    • Speed (Baud rate) = 4800
    • Data (Word length) = 8 bit
    • Parity = none
    • Stop bits = 1
    • Flow control = none
    • Transmit delay = 10 msec/char, 0 msec/line
  4. On the HX-20, login to the desired program area using the LOGIN command, then type the LOAD"COM0:(BLPSC)" with the matching interface conditions from the PC terminal program. For the settings in step 3 the matching command would be LOAD"COM0:(68N1F)".
  5. With the correct command entered for your cable type, hit the return key and the HX-20 will start listening for the transfer.
  6. Now begin the transfer using your PC’s terminal program.

Note: the time it takes to complete the file transfer will vary according to the speed of the transfer and the size of the file. The HX-20 will not automatically terminate the transfer when complete, so, you will have to press the break key to terminate the transfer manually. Careful though, do this too early and you’ll terminate while the data is still being transferred. If you would prefer to automatically terminate the transfer when it is complete (definitely recommended) insert a Ctrl+Z (0x1A) control character (page 11) at the end of the data you are transferring . Which I believe can be written as “SUB”. When I transfer data using Teraterm I notice that I must also have a blank line after the “SUB”, otherwise, it will not read that last line. Example below:

Example of Ctrl+Z (SUB) at the end of BASIC program


The table below contains all the programs I have available for download. See the table’s caption for a link to either the site I got the program from or the website of the author. If there are any programs that the owners of the copyrights would like me to remove please contact me and I will remove them ASAP.

Most of these programs will have an audio and text file, others will be a ROM image. I have labelled the filenames below as .xxx because there will often be multiple file types for the same program. There are also some blanks in the table, that is because I haven’t got around to checking all the programs out yet, or just don’t know the correct details. If you know what should be entered in these blanks or notice any mistakes, please let me know.

Download All Files Here

Program Author/Reference File Name Type
21Matches William V. R. Smith Game
Amortization/Payment Calc Dirk Tjossem Application
Assemble I abcmcfarren
Assemble II abcmcfarren
Assemble III abcmcfarren
Assemble IV abcmcfarren
Attack of the Sine Wave from Outer Space abcmcfarren Game
Awari I abcmcfarren Game
Awari II abcmcfarren Game
Awari III abcmcfarren Game
Blackjack William V. R. Smith Game
Blackjack Steve Battle Game
Blitz Simon N Tayloy Game
Bomber William V. R. Smith Game
Boxed World abcmcfarren Game
Buried Treasure abcmcfarren Game
Cavern Steve Battle Game
Character Set 0 abcmcfarren System
Character Set I abcmcfarren System
Character Set II abcmcfarren System
Chess I abcmcfarren Game
Chess II abcmcfarren Game
Chess III abcmcfarren Game
Chess IV abcmcfarren Game
Chess V abcmcfarren Game
Chess VI abcmcfarren Game
Chess VII abcmcfarren Game
Clock William V. R. Smith Application
Coins abcmcfarren Game
Columns I abcmcfarren Game
Columns II abcmcfarren Game
Cootie I abcmcfarren Game
Cootie II abcmcfarren Game
Days Between Two Dates Dirk Tjossem Application
Deskmaster-2/D V1.03 (CRT version) Eclectic Systems Application
Deskmaster-2/D V1.03 (LCD version) Eclectic Systems Application
Earth I abcmcfarren
Earth II abcmcfarren
Earth III abcmcfarren
Earth IV abcmcfarren
EPSON Calc EPSON Application
Escape of the Free Radical from Outer Space abcmcfarren Game
Farmer Game
Fireman! Fireman! abcmcfarren Game
Follow Me William V. R. Smith Game
Forth System
Future Value Dirk Tjossem Application
Goodyear Blimp I abcmcfarren Demo
Goodyear Blimp II abcmcfarren Demo
Goodyear Blimp III abcmcfarren Demo
Graphics Demo Norbet Kehrer Demo
Hangman William V. R. Smith Game
Hit & Miss abcmcfarren Game
How to define your own charset Bani System
HX-20 Concerto abcmcfarren Demo
HX-20 Diagnostic EPSON Application
HX-20 tenkey calc macieksoft Application
Jumping Pawn Makoto Horai; Game
Koch Curve Martin Woelz Demo
Light Cycle Simon N Taylor Game
List Handler William V. R. Smith Application
Mandelbrot Set Norbert Kehrer Demo
Master Mind abcmcfarren Game
Measure time until battery runs out Bani Application
Memo Writer William V. R. Smith Application
Memory Dump 0 abcmcfarren System
Memory Dump I abcmcfarren System
Memory Dump II abcmcfarren System
Memory Dump III abcmcfarren System
Memory Dump IV abcmcfarren System
Memory Dump V abcmcfarren System
Memory Dump VI abcmcfarren System
Memory Dump VII abcmcfarren System
Memory List abcmcfarren System
Milk I abcmcfarren
Milk II abcmcfarren
Mine Sweeper abcmcfarren Game
Mnemonic I abcmcfarren
Mnemonic II abcmcfarren
Mnemonic III abcmcfarren
Mnemonic IV abcmcfarren
NIM abcmcfarren Game
Ohio Lottery I abcmcfarren
Ohio Lottery II abcmcfarren
Ohio Lottery III abcmcfarren
Othello I abcmcfarren
Othello II abcmcfarren
Phone List William V. R. Smith Application
Poker William V. R. Smith Game
Pong, Anyone? abcmcfarren Game
RAM Size Check Application
Sequence Dirk Tjossem Game
Sideways Printer E.J. Wald Application
Sideways Printer Demonstration E.J. Wald Demo
SIDHA-Writer SIDHA GmbH Application
Sketch It Simon N Taylor Application
Sketch It Peter Milewski Application
Skiwriter SkiSoft, Inc Application
Smart Terminal Ed Faulk Application
Stat Package Dirk Tjossem Application
Tape-DIR Application
Ten Key Calculator William V. R. Smith Application
Tic-Tac-Toe Dirk Tjossem Game
TILE abcmcfarren Game
Timer William V. R. Smith Application
Tokens Bani Application
Towers William V. R. Smith Game
Trax I abcmcfarren Game
Trax II abcmcfarren Game
Trax III abcmcfarren Game
Trax IV abcmcfarren Game
Triplets abcmcfarren Game
UArtilery William V. R. Smith Game
William Tell Overture abcmcfarren Demo

abcmcfarren –

Bani –

Dirk Tjossem –

E.J. Wald –

macieksoft – (defunct)

William V. R. Smith – – (original site defunct)

Norbert Kehrer –

Martin Woelz –